My Counselling Practice in York

Sometimes people are very unsure about what happens in counselling.  My aim is to create a relaxed environment to enable clients to discuss their thoughts and feelings within a secure and comfortable setting.

For your first appointment I offer a free initial assessment session for you to find out how counselling might help and for us to see how we might work together.

This allows me to understand what you might expect from counselling and you an opportunity to ask any questions about how I might work with you.  There is no obligation for you to commit to anything further if you feel counselling is not right for you.

If you decide that counselling could be of benefit to you and that I am the right person for you to work with, we then can discuss in more detail your aims and goals and how long we might work together.

I see clients during the day or evening. Sessions last for one hour and usually take place on a weekly basis.  Occasionally I am available to see clients at weekends.

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